Thursday 13 December 2018

Father of genetic science: Iran is a brilliant talent gene training center

"In the current situation in Iran, the center of training the genes of brilliant talent and its free delivery to other countries has been said," said Fatemeh Genetics of Iran and a permanent member of the Academy of Medical Sciences.
Public Relations Department of Islamic Azad University, citing the Tehran Medical Branch, doctor Darius Farhood founder, professor at Tehran University and Pdrlm Iranian Genetics and Zvdaymy Academy of Medical Sciences attended a gathering of senior officials and students of Young Researchers Club and Elite pointed to the importance and necessity Support for prudent and researcher students: Today, the issue of brain drain is not forthcoming. In the current situation in Iran, the center is a brilliant talent center for training and delivering it free to other countries.
The professor at the University of Tehran said: "It can be said that the extract of all our verses in our book lies in the two words of generosity and kindness. The concepts that our society today needs is hard to come by.
He emphasized the observance of professional ethics in all aspects of life and activities in science and research, said the definitions UNESCO morality in the first 6 years of life are formed and the ages of the students master the methods and behavior good corporate greatest teacher and moral example Students
In another part of his speech, he said: "In the development and expansion of research, the distribution of resources is not fair, and needs serious reform."
Appreciating the efforts of academic and administrative Dktrmrym of President of the Conference of stem cells, cell therapy and medical reconstruction and Head of the Research Center for Biotechnology as an organizer of the first conference on stem cells, cell therapy and medical reconstruction Islamic Azad University, without the slightest Sponsored by the professors of the reputable and reputable international and international students and attracting students, remarked: Similar to the conference, it costs billions, while skill is one of the fundamental principles of education that Unfortunately, there is no such thing in Iran.
Dr. Farhoudi then pointed to the positive and constructive role of Islamic Azad University in promoting the knowledge culture at the national level, saying: "Any field in which the light of science is clarified will undoubtedly eliminate the darkness of ignorance. The centerpiece of this effort is the scientific juncture of the youth of the country, so we must give the work to the young people and take them seriously.
The father of genetic science in Iran added: "The role of professors in educating students and investing in young people is like the tree trunk that lives with its soul in the swaddlers and young veins that are in the branches of this tree." Fruiting and flowering is their duty, in this way the role of talent, skills development, support and support of teachers is crucial for students.
Doctor Farhoudi at the end of his speech, referring to the ability of academic and administrative organizers of the conference as well as the multitude of students said about sex all things must be met current quotas for women's representation in the field of management of the country 30 per cent, while that of women With their intrinsic skills, they make styling, empathy and spirit of intimacy in the workplace and group activities, and hope that the share of women in the new Cabinet will be respected.
The ceremony was attended by doctor Karim Zare, chairman of the Young Researchers Club Elite, Dktrhngamh Bakhtiar, Director of Development of Technology and Innovation of Medical Sciences, Islamic Azad University, doctor Zymyan Kazemi advisor to the Minister of Health and Member of the Board of Trustees of Young Researchers Club Elite, doctor of Islam refuge Head of the National Elite Variation Foundation of the Young and Elite Researchers Club of Kermanshah, Dr. Saye Bigdeli, Director of Public Relations of the Tehran Medical Unit, with the aim of congratulating the organizers of the first conference on stem cells, cell therapy and medical rehabilitation.
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