Thursday 13 December 2018

Research projects in the field of science and biotechnology are supported

Eight research projects in the field of science and biotechnology were approved by the Fund for the Protection of Researchers and Technology Vice-Chancellors.
According to a report from the Social Dialogue Club of the Pioneer Journalists Club; members of the Science and Life Sciences Working Group of the Research Assistants and Technology Faculty at their last meeting, while reviewing the 11 judgments handed down in the workgroup, agreed with the material and spiritual support of eight research projects.
Approved projects include organic and inorganic chemistry, plant physiology, astronomy, zoology and applied mathematics. Also, the eight approved projects, two basic designs, and six schemes are also fundamental.
Due to the importance and knowledge of all the sciences, including the disciplines and interdisciplinary groups of the research groups in the Fund, are defined as specialized groups; researchers from all over the country send their plans to the working group according to the field.
Research projects After first review by the secretary of the working group for completeness of the form, other documents and documents for prioritization in the working group meetings are examined. If the project is in the field of research of the fund, the working group is determined by using the referee's arbitration database and Finally, the final result is announced by the referees.
The results of the arbitration are also approved or rejected after the final examination.
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