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The country's research credit ceiling will not decrease

The first vice president said that despite all the restrictions, the country's research credit ceiling will not decrease.
According to the political group's news agency, the 21st session of the High Council for Science, Research and Technology (ATF) was convened today (Tuesday) under the chairmanship of Dr. Isaac Jahangiri, the first vice president.
The first vice president at the meeting, emphasizing that scientific development is one of the main program of the government, said that despite all the limitations, the country's research credit ceiling will not decrease.
Jahangiri stated that providing financing and resources for the priority plan is on the agenda of the government, emphasized: All priority projects of the semi-final will be implemented in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Council and the Ministry of Finance, especially the Organization of Planning and Budget The priority must be completed.
He also pointed out the necessity to formulate a targeted development plan for higher education in line with the society's needs, said that human resources training should be tailored to the real needs of the country, and the establishment of a new field at the University of Heidelberg should be based on the climate, geography, Development will take shape in the provinces.
At the meeting, which was attended by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Communications and Information Technology, Education, Oil, Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, the Head of the Central Bank, and the Vice President of Science and Technology, Ahmet Ayat, Referring to the council's work and the issues raised by the commissions on the advancement of the strategic plan, research and knowledge base in the eleventh government, he said: Fortunately, more than 75% of the total council approvals have been made and operational, and the secretariat has been able, in addition to assessing the nationally approved plan Receive financial assistance from the customer.
He stated that the ATF Secretariat has allocated an independent budget to this year's budget, said: "At the moment, national macroeconomic plans have been reviewed based on the impact on the achievement of the Resistance Economics Indicator and the Marketing and Marketing Composition and the Knowledge Base Has been created.
The meeting was approved; the program and budget of the organization will not provide financing for the prioritized plan by providing and forecasting the required resources. It was also stipulated that the proposal of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran should be forwarded to the President's Legal Assistant on the basis of the Charter of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council. After the discussion on "Establishing a targeted development plan for higher education commensurate with the needs of society" Research and Technology, and Health, Medicine and Medical Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, set up a program of targeted higher education in accordance with the needs of the community in a one-year period and for the adoption of a high aetiology.
It was also stipulated that "the law on the organization of special areas of science and technology" should be submitted to the government. Then, the order of the "National Code of Publication of the National Science Publishing House" was reviewed and this issue was returned to the Secretariat of the Council.
Also, AITF's excellent salinity was positively expressed by the proposed statute of the operating organization and the establishment and development of the special field of science and technology in Isfahan. Based on this, the nature of the organization of the special field of science and technology in Isfahan will be nongovernmental and nonprofit and how it will be managed by the Security Council. The review of the development of the policy of developing international relations in the field of science, research and technology was the last agenda today to be able to reciprocate the members.
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