Thursday 13 December 2018

The university must take the path of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to the Public Relations Department of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Velayati, the head of the founding staff and the Board of Trustees of Islamic Azad University, said that the university should be first and foremost based on the research-based and then the educational-based, said that the results of the research Obtained will be taught at the university, and this means that the professor in the field of microbiology, which has been published in prestigious magazines in the world, can teach at the university.
Dr. Velayati added that researcher and researcher professors should better educate their students about their research results.
Dr. Nourian, the general secretary of the founding staff of the Islamic Azad University, emphasized: "The university must take the path of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship."
The program highlighted that the Islamic Azad University with more than 400 academic units throughout the country, with 11,000 laboratories and workshops, has a good capacity for entrepreneurship, job creation and monetization, and the idea of ​​a large project called Saha "Has been operational.
Alireza Iranbakhsh, a member of the faculty of Islamic Azad University, said that Saha is an acronym for free colleagues laboratories, said the system has tried to concentrate on 11,000 laboratories and workshops and pursues a discussion on the realization of research justice.
He added: "Research justice is such that every student from any university can take advantage of the whole chain and cycle that has been created."
In the following, Ibrahim Vakshani Farahani, a member of the faculty of Islamic Azad University, said: "Saha is a large national plan. In this electronic system, information on all equipment and facilities of 7400 laboratories and 3600 workshops distributed in different units and centers of the university have been collected. Is.
He added that the Saha system made it possible for researchers, students and faculty members of all universities in the country to choose their services by entering this system.
Referring to the goals of the Saha system, Vahshani Farahani said: creating income for the university was one of the goals of the Saha. Fortunately, in the years 94 and 95, significant amounts of this place have been earned for the Islamic Azad University.

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