Thursday 13 December 2018

We need advanced tools and equipment for research.

Dr. Velayati, in the 21st section of the University of Alberta television program, stating that we need advanced tools and equipment for research, said the tools, equipment and advanced equipment should be available to researchers to work in the field of research, work quickly and More depth and higher quality.
According to the Public Relations Department of Islamic Azad University, Dr Nourian, the general secretary of the founding staff of Islamic Azad University, said: "It is necessary to turn the thinking and science that the university into theses and treatises into an industrial executive work, with which the youth of the country are engaged." And by doing so, we increase production in such a way that there is the least need for external structures.
The program emphasized that the Islamic Azad University is moving with a steep slope towards advanced organizational models, and a large university project in the field of libraries and dissertations called the Sikap Network is in this direction.
Vakshani Farahani, a faculty member of Islamic Azad University, said that Sikap stands for the integrated system of theses and libraries of Islamic Azad University, said: In this electronic system, all information and library facilities are loaded for books, journals and theses. Is.
"In addition, all electronic books are also available to researchers," he said, stating that e-learning is a electronic system in which theses and dissertations that are defended are available to students and researchers. In order not only to facilitate access, but also to avoid duplicate purchases and economics savings for the university.
The program noted that the Sikap network is the result of a logical process. The skipper wants a short sentence to provide a copy of the book, thesis and any scientific information electronically and in the shortest time to the student and researcher. This means all past and present information will be added to this advanced system.
According to the bulletin board member of the Islamic Azad University, one of the goals of the new management courses at Islamic Azad University was self-sufficiency in the field of information and communication technology, said: "Fortunately, now many needs Information and communication technology with specialized expertise that is located at the central organization and at the headquarters of IT, or the specialized capacity of the units, including personnel and faculty members.
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