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We should not deliver the unemployed educated to the community

The head of Islamic Azad University stressed that our goal should not be to educate students to the highest level of education, ie the doctorate and their entry into the training cycle for education, but graduates of the Ph.D. course must have the skills of entrepreneurship and transformation of ideas into the product.
Dr. Farhad Raider, a member of the public relations department of the Islamic Azad University, said at a meeting of the Yazd province council that was held this morning at the Central Organization, after hearing the speeches and suggestions of the members of the council, "holding such meetings for the session of practical acquaintance With problems, barriers and capabilities of Islamic Azad University, especially Yazd province, it is possible to extend the issues raised in this meeting to the whole country. "
He commented on hardiness and contentment of the characteristic features of the people of Yazd province and addressed to the officials of the province's units: "You have a great responsibility, and I am sure that the academic problems of the province can be solved by your capable person. Considering the main mission of Islamic Azad University can determine the path to reaching the goal. In this direction, some of the reforms and suggestions of the provinces can be solved. "
Establishing faculty members capacity identification system
Dr. Fereydoun Rahnamairudpashti, Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Affairs, said that "economic issues should be looked at and economic activities tailored to the missions should be considered in the discussions of the units of the Yazd province. The ability of faculty and students should not be ignored in this direction. "
He asked the heads of the university units to pay more attention to the university directives and to act in accordance with the regulations of the university.
Alireza Zamanizadeh, director of research at Islamic Azad University, also announced the establishment of research capacity of faculty members, and said: "This system is designed with the aim of fair distribution of dissertation among faculty members and avoiding waste of time and expenses for students."
Announcing the Cultural Plan of Islamic Azad University
Reza Nasiri, the head of the Directorate General for Cultural and Social Affairs, also said that besides the presence of economic leader in the field of cultural affairs, he also said: "With his proposal and using the experts and cultural directors of the Islamic Azad University family, they are drafting The university's comprehensive cultural plan will be announced soon. "
Also at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Masoumeh Tabatabaee, the secretary of the board of trustees and the head of the Yazd unit, reported on the status of the units of this province and the activities undertaken in the field of education, research, culture, etc. Referring to solutions to the problems of units in the Yazd province, he said: "Revision of the organizational chart and the degree of units with regard to the reduction of students, facilitating the enrollment of disciplines, especially interdisciplinary courses in the fields of science and technology, according to the needs of the province, the organization's interaction The university's central body is one of the things that can be considered with the organs to require the transfer of human resources training to the Islamic Azad University, the formation of a student admission committee for the Islamic Azad University in consulates and interaction with the Ministry of Health to attract medical students. "
Dr. Abbas Aloirad, Head of the Special Economic Development Planning Council, Dr. Mahmud Dehghan Ashekzari, Head of the Specialized Research and Technology Council of the Province, Dr. Hossein Ali Lazmi, Head of the Provincial Financial Council, Dr Seyed Ali Al-Madrasi, Head of the Special Education and Training Council, Dr. Kamal Khajehparvar, chairman of the student and cultural council of Yazd province and the heads of the units of this province, expressed their problems and suggestions.
Attention to the academic development of the university, further interaction with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science on the use of faculty members' scientific capabilities, participation with foreign companies for investment and the establishment of knowledge-based companies, increasing the share of skills training, training for the establishment of knowledge-based companies, organizing research equipment, launching Graduate courses, Optimal use of existing faculty, Establishment of a sports club, Advice for attracting research funds from other institutions and organizations by the university, Strengthening the relationship between departmental departments and the university head, Further delegation to unit heads, Change of tuition
Discipleship means to teach students simultaneously the science, religion, lifestyle, ethics and Islamic teachings.
The head of Islamic Azad University said: "The mission of this university is not just education, one of our orientations should be simultaneous attention to the two categories of education and research. Paying for educational affairs is a dead end that can not reach us for the purpose we are considering. "
The leader continued: "One of the main missions of the Islamic Azad University is to turn knowledge into wealth, we need to make some changes to that effect in educational content. In fact, apprenticeship means learning simultaneously the science, religion, lifestyle, ethics and Islamic teachings of students. We must change the attitude of education seriously, and the product of training should be used not only to solve the educational problem, but also to solve the problem of the country. "
Our goal should not be to enter the education cycle for education / PhD entrepreneurship
"At present, 25 to 30 percent of university graduates are unemployed, which is the first step towards solving this problem, changing attitudes, we should not be delivering unemployed people to the community," said the head of the Islamic Azad University, who expressed regret at the unemployment of university graduates.
He emphasized on the institutionalization of entrepreneurship culture and support for university students, adding that "our goal is toStudents should be educated to the highest levels of PhD and their entry into the training cycle for education, but Ph.D. graduates should have the skills of entrepreneurship and transformation of the idea into the product. "Grant's Grant was a prerequisite for having a Ph.D. student." Based on the main strategy of Islamic Azad University, the development of skills in education and research should be more than ever considered. The requirement for a Ph.D. student to be received by the faculty is to receive a grant from the industry. Faculty members should take on their commitment to gain ground, otherwise they can not have a PhD student. "The head of the Islamic Azad University, a scholar and elite supporter, considered the owner of the idea to be one of the main policies of the new management of Islamic Azad University. "We need to be able to create the right conditions for the marketing and sale of knowledge-based products, which can lead to the support and motivation of researchers," he said. "Investing with future prospects should be considered," he said in an interview on investing in non-urban incomes. And the university officials "The leader, while appreciating the efforts of the late Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and former university executives, especially Dr. Jasbi, in the University's development and development, said:" The conditions of the community have changed, and we have to adapt to the conditions, We will develop our strategies, otherwise we will be doomed to failure. "
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